Creating a Culture of Customer Care of a Hotei

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Creating a Culture of Customer Care
I am Alice Hendry, the general manager of the Mountain High Hotel Complex. This is my first appointment to this level of management and I hope I can make a contribution to the Complex. With the approximate 3 months’ observation, I made this report for the board of directors with the approach of promoting a culture of customer care for all customer to increase the level of business during the quiet seasons which need all the staff at the Mountain High Hotel Complex to support. Our hotel complex has numerous kinds of operations, such as hospitality, bar and night-club, sports fitness centre and swimming pool. In additon, the hotel complex has some characteristic operations, including sports shops, lessons guided tours, mountain gondola and ski lifts, which are associated with the snow skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. Therefore, at present we have a settled younger sporting clientele during the summer and winter months and this is our strength. In spite of this, I am aware that other types of customer should also be considered about because these new clientele like mature customers may increase the level of business during the spring and autumn when the mountain biking and skiing are unavailable. In other words, our profits would be rised with the ever-increasing number of the customers and finally, there would be no so-called off-season. So we should create an excellent culture of customer care for our complex and train all of the staff.

Our staff have defficiency on the identification of customers and we should identify the customer of our complex comprehensively first. To begin with, in terms of the traditional customers, they must be the travellers. This group of customers includes the travellers for holiday and travellers for business and they are always the loyallest customers for a hotel. Then, there exists some modern customers. To be specific, more and more people would like to travel with others so they would join a travelling group. This kind of customer is really a huge clientele who can bring us a tremendous benefit, especially in the hot season. Moreover, our complex had a generally younger sporting clientele during the winter and summer for skiing and mountain biking who are always the source of our main benefits. However, we can not forget the mature customer. In fact, the most of the wealth are commanded by the mature and they would bring us more benefits. The potential clientele is also important. For example, a person come into our sports shop but just look around, ask something and buy nothing. This person is our potential customer and our staff should not ignore him/her, because he/she may come for comsuming the next time. The customers I identified above are all external customers. Additionally, the internal customers are also a kind of customers which can not be neglected. Our internal customers are the people who work for our complex. Every employee should do the right thing to rely on others in order to make other staff work well. It is very essential for our complex to operate well. So we should train our staff to identify the customer and then they can offer the better services. There are some factors I want to mention about which is vital for our complex to constitute an excellent customer care. Firstly, it is the individuality. Different people have different characters so the needs are distinct. We should offer the customers the services which suits to them. For instance, for the mature customers, we should offer some sedate exercise programmes which are beneficial for their health and can attract them to rebook. Secondly, politeness is an essential factor that all of our staff should have. It need us to be polite and treat all customers with respect when we offer service. For example, when the customer was talking to us, we should keep listening carefully and give them help actively. Additionally, it is the flexibility. Different...
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