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Courtroom Participant Chart

Complete the following chart.

| |What are the individual’s responsibilities in the |Why is it important for these responsibilities to be | | |courtroom process? |fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of over | | | |zealousness as compared with the effect of under | | | |performance.) | | |Prosecutors, also known as district attorneys, |The prosecuting plays a very important role in the | |Prosecutor |represent the government's interest in criminal |criminal justice system. Unlike most other lawyers, | | |trials. A prosecutor's job is limited to criminal |however, a prosecutor's client is the state and its | | |matters; they don't work with civil cases such as |citizens. This makes the prosecutor's duties somewhat | | |lawsuits or in family court. In those instances |different from other lawyers. Since it is in the interest| | |private attorneys represent both parties while |of the people to see that justice is done, a prosecutor's| | |advocating on behalf of either position. Whether |job is not always to seek convictions (although it often | | |local or federal, the prosecutor's job is to |is). A prosecutor's job is to seek justice, which may not| | |convince a judge and a jury that law enforcement has|always be a conviction. Sometimes justice is a dismissal | | |brought the right person to trial for judgment and |or a reduction in charge | | |sentencing. The prosecutor is bound by the law, but | | | |is charged with not only being a legal | | | |representative but a vigorous advocate on behalf of | | | |the people relying on the courts to make accurate | | | |and fair rulings | | | | | | | |Defense attorneys are responsible for defending a | The very importance is that your defense lawyer advises| |Defense attorney |person who is accused of a crime. The sixth |you of the options you have in your case. These options | | |amendment of the constitution guarantees every |generally include accepting a plea agreement, filing | | |person the right to be represented by a qualified |pre-trial motions to exclude or quash evidence and | | |attorney. This right is fundamental to the American |therefore gain a dismissal of some or all charges or | | |method of justice, which believes every person is |proceeding to a trial before a judge or jury. Your | | |innocent until proven guilty. |defense lawyer will give you his valued opinion on which | | | |option he believes is in your best interest. You will | | | |then decide,...
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