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P3 – Produce a chart showing how two businesses are organised (Thorpe Park and your charity). Marketing Executives

PR Manager
Marketing Analysts

Brand Manager
Marketing Manager
Human Resources
General Manager
Thorpe Park

Staffs and employees

Director/ Manager

Finance and information system and divisions

Chief Executives

The campaign policy
Staffs and voluntaries

Corporate human resources

The fund raiser and supporter marketing

Thorpe Park Structure
Finance – For Thorpe Park, finance is responsible for economic part and the capital for making sure that the business runs smoothly without getting into debt etc. They need to make sure that the capital they are making needs to be more than spending, making sure they don’t face any economic problems. Finance is used to create budget in which the theme park runs and prevent any cause of getting into debt. Marketing – For marketing, Thorpe Park will be focused on marketing techniques and the promotion for the business to media such as throughout the globe. They need to make sure to come up with different ideas unto making the customers loyal to them and even getting more customers attracted. Human resources – For human resources, training the staff’s members, giving them feedback, deciding who to hire or fire the staffs comes under human resources. For Thorpe Park, they need to make sure on training the staffs on how to operate the rides guiding them etc. and helping the staffs if they are unsure about anything. Employees – For employees of Thorpe Park, they would be responsible for helping the customers, doing their jobs and activities in order to make the theme park function smoothly. They would be in the theme park following the manager’s orders and doing different type of job they’ve been put into, and mostly giving customers care and attention.

Oxfam Structure
Finance – For Oxfam finance, they usually depends upon...
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