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Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Sales Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: January 28, 2014
1. How could the ACS’s marketing department use operational CRM to strengthen its relationships with its customers The ACS can use operational CRM to gain a single view of its constituents and all information required to serve them. Three marketing operational CRM technologies that the ACS could use include list generators, campaign management systems, and cross-selling and up-selling. List generators compile customer information from a variety of sources and segment the information for different marketing campaigns. Campaign management systems guide users through marketing campaigns. Cross-selling is selling additional products or services. Up-selling is increasing the value of the sale. 2. How could the ACS’s customer service department use operational CRM to strengthen its relationships with its customers? There are three primary customer service operational CRM technologies that the ACS could use to strengthen its relationships with its customers including contact centres, web-based self-service, and call scripting. Contact centre (call centre) is where CSRs answer customer inquiries and respond to problems through different touch points. Web-based self-service allows customers to use the Web to find answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Call scripting accesses organizational databases that track similar issues or questions and automatically generates the details to the CSR, who can then relay them to the customer. 3. Review all of the operational CRM technologies and determine which one would add the greatest value to ACS’s business Student answers to this question will vary. The important factor in this decision will be the students’ justification for their answer. 4. Describe the benefits ACS could gain from using analytical CRM Analytical CRM relies heavily on data warehousing technologies and business intelligence to glean insights into customer behaviour. These systems quickly aggregate, analyze, and disseminate...
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