Country Road Retail Concepts

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Each student prepares one page (single spaced) of written work that states (1) what the retail concept is and (2) why the particular retailer has been chosen, that is, why the retailer is interesting. Also, (3) identify any salient operation issues of note, e.g. have a Website, but do not conduct e-commerce via this channel and (4) include selected references at the end. This is handed in to the tutor and submitted through Turnitin. Country Road is an Australian based company that operates both as a retailer and a wholesaler. It operates 56 freestanding stores and 77 department store concessions on a retail basis and in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Gulf States as a wholesaler. Established in 1974, the Country Road brand has grown to become one of the best known and highly regarded fashion lifestyle brands in Australia. The product range offered by Country Road includes a distinctive and fashionable style of Mens, Womens and Childrens Apparel, Accessories and Home wear. Our parent company is Woolworths Holdings Limited of South Africa. Country roads retail concept is high quality clothing at a low price. In 2008 Country road dropped their prices by 30-40% yet the company does not agree with deep discounting. CEO of Country road Mior stated “It's not about discounting. There are so many retailers that are driving sales through discounting as it just doesn't work long-term. The fashion has to be on the money, the quality has to be there and the price has to be right." Country road was chosen by our group because the retailer adjusts its marketing and business strategies depending on the needs of the client. For example country road has a customer database of 850,000 people and majority lacked loyalty to the company. Country road spent their marketing budget on targeting those customers. Having a large database means more expenses and effort however the loyalty of country road shoppers increased from 12-14% to 50% as marketing staff began to listen...
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