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According to scholars, Political factors alongside economic factors tend to have a more the proportion impact in organizational performance.

1. Your recommendations and justifications for country selection. DATA ANALYSIS
Economic/ Financial Risk-
Significantly has a low rate of inflation.
GERMANY- 1.1% inflation, 2.9trillion GDP (-public debt), 99% in higher education German markets with strong macro-economic policies have maintained their policies to be the largest of the European economies, and the 5th largest economy in the world. According to further research carried out within this report there is strong evidence clarifying that Germany is the most appropriate market expansion choice.

International market selection is a process which involves three phases, choosing from a list of countries, breaking down the list by gathering relevant data which would be the information criteria for potential market selection process. Executive Summary

Jack Wills, considered high end by many folk, is an upmarket British Clothing Retailer currently trading in the UK, North America and parts of Asia. According to preliminary research conducted by our team of Marketing Specialists, Germany was identified as the most potential market entry point for Jack wills in the longer term. This report is based on further understood analysis of the required criteria (as further explained in detail below) for market entry, ending with a full conclusion of the analysis Directors have identified that they would be likely to enter one of the four countries Romania, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. While they all could be potential market entry points there is only capacity for entrance in one of the above markets. By firstly identifying what sort of organization can be categorized into, whether it is a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME’s) or it is a Large-scale enterprise (LSE’s.) Marketing strategies are designed, regulated and coordinated differently according to the type of firm it is. Jack Wills can be identified as a LSE as its characteristics describes.

The purpose of this report mainly focuses on global market entry. ‘With continued success in a challenging retail environment and climate’ Jack Wills is considering further expansion into European markets, This report has been designed accordingly to help the directors of Jack Will decide on which country to first enter. -Jack Wills classified as ‘University outfitters’ directly states that their main target market is the young Adult population. However, their marketing strategy is what defined their success, according to one article posted in the Telegraph; co-founder ‘Peter Williams said Jack Wills owes its success to viral marketing that creates a “club” feeling for target customers but seeks to “hide” from everyone else’ The Financial Times added ‘In the UK, Jack Wills trades from 50 stores, and expanded into the US last year, where it now has 11 stores. Its first foray into the Middle East is set for next September, when it opens a store in Kuwait with franchise partner Alshaya.’ November 18, 2011 10:07 pm Jack Wills to open stores in Asia By Claer Barrett, Retail correspondent Jack Wills, the fast-growing youth fashion brand, is set to open its first stores in Asia, but says it has no plans for a stock market listing to fund future expansion November 18, 2011 10:07 pm Jack Wills to open stores...

References: Modelling of international market selection process: a qualitative study of successful Australian international businesses – article 1
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