Countries involved on the Iraq war

Topics: United Nations, 2003 invasion of Iraq, United States Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Apart from US, there were other countries involved on the Iraq’s war. USA’s main supporter was Britain. Even though British citizens were sure that UK shouldn’t join the war, Prime Minister Anthony Blair had a relationship with US President, George Bush, and said that UK was going to ‘pay’ this special relationship supporting and helping US in the war; he promise his full support to Bush and sent up to 30.000 troops. Presidents of other political parties oppose to Blair and affirm that participate in the war without public support would be difficult. There was another country that supports US in the war but didn’t send any military troops, Spain. On March 2003, Spanish Prime Minister Jose María Aznar, told that Spain would not send combat troops to fight alongside the US and Britain in the expected war on Iraq. But Spain contributes to the war sending 900 medical troops and ships with more medical help. In addition Aznar said Spain would supply military aid to help protect NATO member Turquey from possible attack from Iraq. Moreover, Spain allows US to move troops through two Spanish bases in Iraq. Aznar said that disarming Iraq was necessary and legal due to some resolutions of the UN Security Council. US, UK and Spain co-sponsored a UN resolution that would have led into the war, because the resolution admitted a military intervention in Iraq in order to disarm. But there was no consensus in the UN Security Council so the resolution wasn’t accepted. On the other hand, there were more countries against the war, such as Germany and France. Germany was the European country most opposed to the war. Foreign Minister Gerard Schöred, said that the country won’t send troops or financial help. He also said that if there was another UN resolution they won’t vote in favor of the attack. However, the German government has been willing to comply its obligations as a NATO member ally and allow the use of...
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