Why Did The Us Enter Ww1

Topics: World War I, United States, World War II, Woodrow Wilson, Allies of World War I, Zimmermann Telegram / Pages: 4 (951 words) / Published: Mar 17th, 2017
The main reasons was to aid our closest trading partners. The Americans entered World War 1 was to help our allies. The main ally we tried to help was England and Italy. Germans sunk few of the American ships that were on their way to Britain. President Wilson sent out Americans to British liner Lusitania. The Germans sunk the liner and killed over hundred twenty- eight Americans. After the sinking of Lusitania America cut ties with Germany.
Two years after, the president decides to send out Americans to help out Italy. The Germans attacked an Italian ship and killed twenty-seven Americans. The Germans ended up using submarine warfare to ambush many of the allied and neutral ships when they would arrive at the war zone areas. The Germans were using submarines to sink many U.S. ships, those attacks had caused many losses
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Each ship carried Americans on them, so when any ship was it each of those passengers was killed or injured. The submarines were hitting U.S. merchants and traveling ships. The Germans also sunk the cargo ship Housatonic. The Germans sunk six cargo ships with no warning. In the telegram the British decoded; there was an indirect threat saying the Germans were going to attack the United States. The U.S. took that as a warning and were wanting to declare war on the Germans.
Many Americans were against getting involved in the war because the U.S. considered it as European problems. The problem that Europeans were having had nothing to do with the U.S. There are many reasons that Americans did not want to join the war. The President’s motive for not entering the war was amongst England, France, and Germany. The people who were against joining the war were the Pacifists, Intellectuals, and the Isolationists. There were also many other anti-war groups. The Americans wanted to remain unbiased because they wanted to be

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