Movie Review: Why We Fight

Topics: 2003 invasion of Iraq, United States, Saddam Hussein Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: May 17, 2010
Why We Fight
By reviewing the United State's track record on wars, it is quite obvious that the United States has never heard of "minding your own beezwax." In Eugene Jarecki's documentary film, Why We Fight, he shares with his audience the history of the United States involvement in wars. He especially reviews the 2003 Iraq invasion and its corrupt motives. After viewing Jarecki's movie, I have to completely agree with the film maker's assertion on how Americans have been lied to by the government because of their pursuit for economic and political dominance.

There are a billion legitimate reasons why we should not attack Iraq. Before the invasion was made, Saddam Hussein was not a huge threat to the U.S.. President Bush was always saying that “time is running out for Saddam Hussein.” The United States government continues to speculate without any factually based evidence that Iraq possess or is attempting to acquire weapons of mass destruction along with biological and chemical agents.

Also, the United State's real reasons for invading Iraq were ultimately to gain some economical benefits, but it actually is resulting in our economy failing. The war has cost billions and billions of dollars and we are all ready in a 12 trillion dollar debt. It's not the government that is paying for this war. The people paying for the war are American citizens that pay taxes. I do not want to be contributing financially to a War that I do not agree with.

I agree completely with Jarecki's message in his movie, Why We Fight, and feel that the United States needs to end the war in Iraq.
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