Councelling at Workplace

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2EAP Concepts3

3Why Workplace Counselling?7

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Chapter 1

Employees spend about one-quarter of their lives in work settings. For many, key relationships are part of their work and personal identity is often bound up with jobs.

There is an osmotic link between two compartments: professional life and personal life. Healthy happenings at professional life are cherished at the personal life and vice versa. So also, emotional drain experienced at professional life is felt at the personal life and vice versa. In short, there will be osmotic leakage from one compartment to another because both originate from the same human being!

Emotion and workplace
“Workplace is no place for sentiments and emotions”, proclaims Mr. Arun, a young high profile marketing manager, during a department meeting. But two days later, jumps from his seat with joy and says, “Today we have made it. Finally we got the breakthrough after 3 months of hard work. We got the order. I am celebrating this achievement with a dinner with my wife in the choicest restaurant”.

Did not Mr. Arun show his emotions at workplace?

The workplace teems with feelings. We ignore them at our peril; not to recognize their force and their worth is to underestimate a valuable source of energy and a powerful force for either destruction or growth. Some believe emotions are irrelevant to the workplace and portray the ideal as an emotionless arena ruled by rationality. Do we agree that emotions are part of the inner wiring of workday routines? The truth is people at work are happy, sad, depressed, excited, enthusiastic, lustful, vengeful, resentful, bored, playful, worried, anxious, hurt, hopeful, furious, isolated, frightened – these emotions course through their veins. Those feelings have vast influence on their work, their work relationships, their motivation and morale. Managers are all too aware of how powerful feelings can be and indeed how difficult they are to mange.

Chapter 2


EAP – Employee Assistance Programme
EAP definition: EAPs are job based programs operating within an organization for the purpose of identifying troubled employees, motivating them to resolve their troubles and providing access to counselling or treatment for those employees who need such services. On a larger canvas, EAP while working with troubled individuals would work also with the organization and management to prevent employees reaching the stage of needing individual care.

Workplace needs that give rise to EAP are four fold:
• To do more about problems in the workplace
• Realization that workplace is both a human problem breeder and a problem resolver • To humanize the workplace
• To develop new work practices based on the awareness that areas are inter-related in the workplace, i.e. health, wholeness, work, relationships, etc.

Workplace counselling can be deemed to be any activity in the workplace where one individual uses a set of techniques or skills to help another individual take responsibility for and to manage their own decision-making whether it is work related or personal.

Triadic relationship
In private practice the individual counselling is a dyadic relationship. Counselling in organizations is triadic link among employee, counsellor and organization in a three way relationship.

Traditional and contemporary EAPs
|Traditional programs |Contemporary programs | |Emphasis on alcoholism as the basis of the problem |Broad-brush approach: any issue appropriate...
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