Cotton Gin

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton, United States, History of technology, Invention, Southern United States / Pages: 2 (255 words) / Published: Apr 22nd, 2013
Alec Baliatico
Mr. Trzepinska
United States History
25 February 2013
The Cotton Gin
The Cotton Gin was one of the great inventions of all time. It was the start to the Industrial Revolution and the many other impeccable inventions soon to come. It allows cotton fibers to easily be separated from their thorns. This allowed for much faster production of usable cotton than manual labor. The Cotton Gin was one of the first machines ever built that single handedly replaced the jobs of human beings. The day this machine was invented it instantly changed the future of America.
Prior to the introduction to the cotton gin, manual labor was a necessity to clean the thorns from the cotton so it could be used in clothing and other items. When Eli Whitney introduced the Cotton Gin which was able to comb out the thorns the cotton business blew up. It became so profitable that thousands opened brand new manufacturing plants, in the North and the South, to produce the cleaned cotton. Also, along with the demand for cotton there also became a huge demand for upgraded, faster, and better Cotton Gins. The machine cause massive growth of production of cotton in the United Stated. The largest result of this machine was the new need for slaves in the South. Before this came along the use for slaves in the South was dying down. All of a sudden the desire for slaves grew, the state of America was immediately changed, and America became an agricultural

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