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Topics: Advertising, Brand, Logo Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Brand Identity: Their brand name is their signature. “Costa” signifies luxury, excellence and perfection.
The image of Costa is luxury and comfort with style.
The theme of Costa, from the brand logo, the color scheme of the premises to the entire feel is warm tones and relaxing colors. Their ambience is trendy and soothing as well.
According to me Costa is the comfortable place to relax, chill, spend quality time and have a warm experience which not only brings back customers but through word of mouth attract new customers.

Value Proposition: Costa Coffee truly understands that customers pays a premium to consume coffee at café is for the experience, thus it never compromises on brand essence and experience.
From 'just another coffee shop' to 'the only genuine coffee shop to visit', it has come a long way. Its commitment to customer choice and hand-made Italian coffee, this unique proposition managed to set Costa apart from the competition, both emotionally and rationally, increasing brand awareness and average transaction values. Today Costa is the largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain in the UK. So while a lot may have changed since that first cup was savoured, their coffee certainly hasn't. They still slow-roast beans in exactly the same way, and even in the same roasters, as they did 40 years ago. They believe in “And as long as coffee lovers like it that way, we'll continue to do so”.

Building Customer Loyalty: Costa Coffee emphasis on experience and quality it customers can have to generate loyal customers. Also, Costa Coffee has attracted many new customers only through word of mouth or viral marketing. Costa Coffee gives its customers value for money. Its marketing campaign shows that Coffee lovers prefer Costa.

Costa’s ever increasing standards of coffee, variety available and customer response made me their regular visitor.

Relationship with the brand: Sustainability of a brand depends on the relationship which it maintains...
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