Cosplay reflection

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There’s a period in everyone’s life when they decide what type of personality and image they will make public. Nowadays, the society depends too much on physical appearance because of how people always want to feel accepted by others. In Hong Kong, the new generations dress and look the same; however, people have neglected the dangers of losing our own culture as well as our individuality.

Before this research project, I used to stereotype the cosplayers as ‘waitress’ and ‘weirdo’, but now I have completely changed my view. According to our interviewee Jessie, 'Cosplay can make me be my mirrored me, I feel happy because I am being myself by doing what I like'. What impresses me most is that they are not trying to stand out from the crowd; instead, they are just being themselves by acting their favourite manga character.

As mentioned above, we often represent ourselves through our physical appearance, I’m not the exceptional, I ‘feel good’ when I become the single spotlight on street and it is undeniable that the society has largely influenced what I wear and my behaviours. Sometimes, I question myself; can the luxuries really represent my identity and who I am? Deep down and think, it can’t, instead it is just a mask I wear everyday.

Cosplay is about – if you could be a fictional character, which one would suit you best? It isn’t just a physical representation of someone/something, it brings out a new perspective upon the chosen character, way of living, mental attitudes, most likely everything that can be associated with a person, even if fictional. Every cosplayer has his or her own choices of manga character they want to imitate; I think that people should not look down at them as they have strong individuality and creativity in which people have lost these days. To me, I see cosplay as an anime character stepping out of the television in which not everyone could do that.

Each of the cosplayers out there has his or her own view upon this hobby.

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