Cosmetology: Massage and Nail Technician

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Erika Suprunchik
Mr. Justen
English IV
24 May 2012
The Beauty Within You
Cosmetology is the professional skill and practice of beautifying the hair, face, skin and body. Cosmetologists bring out the beauty within each person by working on the human body. (Allure) The process is not easy, it involves many practice, talent, and patients. Each category has its own steps and techniques. Cosmetology is not only to beautify but also to heal the human body. They are like doctors without the doctor’s degree. It is very important to keep the body feeling beautiful, relaxed and healthy, but hard to do on your own. (Allure) This is why cosmetology is important. They bring the beauty that is within you out for the world to see. A cosmetologist is a professional who provides his services in a variety of fields; this could be hair makeovers, makeup, manicuring, and many other similar profiles. A cosmetologist does not always work on a single profile they could be doing more than one field. But their primary motive is to make people look beautiful and feel fresh. The most common places where cosmetologists are employed in are beauty shops, as most of their job is carried from the beauty salon. Other places in which cosmetologists work in are spas. Some of the licensed cosmetologists may prefer to start their own beauty business. To become a cosmetologist there are specialized courses which are needed. For example basic safety and sanitation course, hair care course, aesthetics and hair removal course, nail care course, facial course, and salon management course. Without these classes there’s no way to be a successful cosmetologist. A cosmetologist has many different responsibilities. Each responsibility is different in each field. A hairdresser’s responsibilities are shampooing, trimming, coloring, and treating hair, and making various hairstyles which clients want to wear. A skin care specialist has to focus on making clients' skin better by facials and massages. Also have to advice clients on how to take care of their skin, and what cosmetic items are suitable for their skin type. A manicurist would be required to carry out duties which include coloring, cleaning, and treating customers' nails, and advising the customers how to take good care of their nails. (Cosmetologist) Being a cosmetologist is not an easy job, it’s not just cosmetology there are many different fields or categories. The main category that makes up cosmetology is the hair. (Allure) How the hair looks is always most important for the woman. It is also the most difficult part of cosmetology. There are many steps to cutting the hair. (How To…) The first is to know the tools. Each hair style or technique involves different kind of tools. Hair shears/scissors are mostly used for others maybe a razor or special designed hair shears/scissors. For a guy’s cut cosmetologist would use a basic hair clipper set or shears/scissors. (How To…) The second step would be to get to know the client, what they like, what they do, and their everyday life. This helps figure out what kind of hair style will fit them the best. (Allure) When starting on the hair you always want to begin with sectioning it. This could be done many different ways. It all depends on how the hair falls or what kind of shape the head is. The reason for starting with sectioning is to keep things neat. When it comes to the cutting there are many things to keep in mind. The desired hair length, thick or thin hair, how much damage the hair has and so on. All of these depend on what kind of scissors should be used or what techniques to do. (How To…) Also coloring the hair is very important. It is not easy to do. There is a lot of math involved and knowing the mixing colors. One small mistake like adding a little more color then needed, can lead to severe damage. It is highly recommended for hair coloring to be left for professional cosmetologist to do. (Allure) It is not impossible to fix bad hair cuts or color...
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