Corruption as a Price We Pay for Democracy

Topics: Democracy, Political corruption, Corruption Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: January 9, 2011
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Autocracy democracy corruption

i wud like to differ... as corruption is not exactly the price we pay for democracy.... in china there is communist govt.. but there is too corruption... in europe there is republican govt.. there is also corruption... as compared to other countries.. india is 87th rank in stats of world's most corrupt states(china being 42 and united states 68.. brazil being the most corrupted country)... so corruption is not just a part of democratic govt but every other govt..  so only remedy to it is LEGALISE CORRUPTION

Yes iam in support of this topic that corruption is the price we pay for democracy.  We the people of our Country have right to elect the right person for the right job but you say I s we r doing the same [pic]  I dont think that even many of us used to give their Votes to the people who are there in the competiton.  We the people elects the person for Leading our Countries. But not choosing Right people for the Right Job is what we pay as Corruption in the Society.  We should elects the right person, we should see Is the person is really Suitable for his desired Post? 

Many of us Used to give Votes by seeing that to which parties our neighbour is giving Vote( Is to BJP,CONG or any other Stuffs) to. 

So by not electing gud one we always pay high prices, of which Curruption is also part of it.  It act as a termid who is spoiling our Growing Economy and which is certainly by n large also affecting our GDP. 

corruption is not the price we pay for democracy but the price we pay for being indifferent to it . Most of us ( me included) turn a blind eye to it, albeit at a much smaller level, to get our things done....
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