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Principle of interrelation:
The growth & development in various dimension like physical, mental, social etc. Are interrelated & interdependent. Growth & development in any one dimension affect the growth & development of the child in other dimensions. For example children with above average intelligence, are generally found to possess above average physical, social development. The assets of growth in one dimension, diminishes the bright possibility in other dimensions. That is why; the children having poor physical development tend to regress in emotional, social & intellectual development.

Development is predictable:
With the help of rate of growth &development of a child it is possible for us to predict the range within his mature development is going to fail. For example x ray of the bones of wrist will tell approximately what his ultimate size will be. Similarly the knowledge of the present mental ability of a child will help in predicting his ultimate mental development.

Principle of developmental direction:
Kuppuswamy throwing light on this principle points out two specific facts concerning the direction of the development. He says the development is “cephalous-caudal” as well as proximodistal. Cephalo caudal development means that development proceeds in the direction of the longitudinal (head to foot) the child first gains control over his head &arms & then on his legs so that he can stand.poximo distal tendency of the development, it proceeds from the centre to the periphery .for example control over fingers comes after then control over the arms & the hands.

Child does not proceed straight on the path of development with a bconstant6 or steady pace. Actually he makes advancement during a particular period but takes rest in the next following period, to consolidate his development.
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