Corporate Events in Intramuros

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How Many Corporate Events on a particular week day in Intramuros?

Sheryl Ann N. Usares
2014- 85177
2014-2015 / 1st Semester
Master in Management / College of Arts and Sciences
Problem of the Study
How many Corporate Events on a particular week day in Intramuros?

Introduction of the Study
Corporate event is an event sponsored by a corporation for the purpose of achieving specific goals and objectives such as entertaining customers, introducing and promoting new products or services, or providing incentives or training for employees, as well as other activities (Wiley International Dictionary of Event Management, 2001). Corporate events require careful planning, scheduling, and control – all basic principles of project management (Mikolaitis, P., & O’Toole, W., 2002). Based on research, the areas of management for corporate events are the ff: scope, time, cost, risk, content, human resources, procurement, and communication. Thus, there is a need to identify that factors that is relative to the number of corporate events per day. Locale of the study

The locale of the study is Intramuros which is suited in Manila City. It is a 64-hectare stone citadel, founded by the Spanish in 1571, and has withstood wars, natural disasters and successive waves of colonial invaders, and such stands as a metaphor of Manila itself. (,31489,1955442_1955443_1953914,00.html)

Intramuros is a latin word meaning "within the walls". A place or monument of the Spanish period in the Philippine history. It is also known as the "Walled City". It is one of the principal tour destination in the Philippines.

Fig. 1 Map of Intramuros
Hn: No. of corporate events per day is not relative with the span of time of the event
Ha: No. of corporate events per day is significantly relative to the day of the week.

Research Methods
This presents the methods used in the research and the respondents of the study to gather the data needed.

The instrument and method being used in gathering the necessary data.

Interview. Used by the researcher to the gather the primary source of data, it also gave the researchers the opportunity to gather the list of events in Intramuros. Furthermore, it gave the opportunity to clarify issues concerning the problem.

Walk-in Observation. The observation was also an excellent source of data. The research decided to conduct walk-in observation at the last minute of the study since the hotel do not provide information on their corporate events.

There are two respondents/source of the study: The Bayleaf Hotel and the Intramuros Administration.
The Bayleaf Hotel. The only hotel inside Intramuros. Launched in November 2011, this boutique hotel promises a restful experience for its guests given its 5 star quality beddings, room amenities and a spacious bathroom ( Intramuros Administration (IA). A national government agency created on April 10, 1979, under Presidential Decree 1616. It is tasked to restore the Walled City of Intramuros and develop it into a prime urban tourist destination. IA's objective is to make this "city within a city" socially, economically and culturally viable again while keeping pace with modernization. IA intends to enhance the potential of Intramuros as a main center of tourist activity in the City of Manila. It is involved not only in the restoration but also in urban renewal and income generation (IA leaflet). Data Gathering

The researcher gathered data from a hotel (Bayleaf Hotel) and government agency (Intramuros Administration). The information from the hotel were exclusive which resulted to a walk-in observation and sampling. On the other hand, data gathering through the government agency was easier...

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