Corona Beer Ad Analyze

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Woman Pages: 3 (1255 words) Published: March 28, 2010
More than a Corona
What do you imagine when you hear Corona beer? Usually it’s that same image of the commercial taking place on a perfect beach. What would a beer have to with a beach, that’s isolated and pretty much perfect? Corona is selling it’s beer by selling a dream with it; and it’s working.

The typical Corona commercial we see on television has basic elements that are present in all of them. These basic elements are a beach, with crystal clear water, flawless sand, isolation, and of course a cold Corona beer. In a particular Corona commercial that I had analyzed goes like this, it starts with the signature beach, that’s completely isolated, with calm crystal clear water, and sand that is so clean you can eat off of it. Next it starts to zoom out and the Corona beer comes into the picture between a young woman bathing in the sun and a man skipping rocks along the water, while the man is skipping the rocks his phone begins to ring. He is about to go for another rock but grabs his phone and then there is a slight pause, he then skips the phone along the water like the rocks. The woman then brushes her hair back with her hand and continues to just relax and be attractive. Then the commercial ends with its signature slogan, “ Relax Responsibly”, on the bottom.

What the ordinary person doesn’t know is that all of these components are used to hook the customer and it works almost every time. Through Jib Fowles, “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals”, we learn of the aspects that attract the average consumer to buy products, which are the Fifteen basic appeals. Fowles suggests that advertisers incorporate desires and needs of the consumers into the advertisements; these desires and needs that captivate the viewer or the consumer are part of Fowles Fifteen basic appeals (73-74). The most obvious appeals in the Corona commercial that I analyzed are the needs for autonomy, to escape, and for aesthetic sensations; there is also a small hint of the need for...

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