contribution of mangrove forest reserved for sosioeconomic development of people in Pitas, sabah, malaysia

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Question no. 1
Which functions of human resource management are described in this case? Which are missing? In what ways, if any, are the missing functions relevant to building competitive advantages? Answer:
Employment is the first operative function of Human Resource Management. Employment is concerned with securing and employing the people possessing the required kind and level of human resources necessary to achieve the organizational objectives. It covers functions such as job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, placement, induction and internal mobility. According to the case study presented, I identified five human resource functions applied to this case. The functions are: 1.Recruiting and Selection

Recruitment is the process through which the organization seeks applicants for potential employment Based on job analysis and design, an organization can determine the kinds of employees it needs. With this knowledge, it carries out the function of recruiting and hiring employees. Recruitment is the process through which the organization seeks applicants for potential employment. Selection refers to the process by which the organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, Selection is the process by which the organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals. An organization makes selection decisions in order to add employees to its workforce, as well as to transfer existing employees to new positions. 2.Training and Development

Training is one of the approaches or the generator of new knowledge, employee training and development is placed within a broader strategic context of human resources management, i.e. global organizational management, as a planned staff education and development, both individual and group, with the goal to benefit both the organization and employees. To preserve its obtained positions and increase competitive advantage, the organization needs to be able to create new knowledge, and not only to rely solely on utilization of the existing Training is a planned effort to enable employees to learn job related knowledge, skills, and behaviour. For example, many organizations offer safety training to teach employees safe work habits. Development involves acquiring knowledge, skills, and behaviour that improve employees’ ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs, including the client and customer demands of those jobs. Development programs often focus on preparing employees for management responsibility. Likewise, if a company plans to set up teams to manufacture products, it might offer a development program to help employees learn the ins and outs of effective teamwork.

3.Performance Management
The process of ensuring that employees’ activities and outputs match the organization’s goals is called performance management. The activities of performance management include specifying the tasks and outcomes of a job that contribute to the organization’s success. Then various measures are used to compare the employee’s performance over some time period with the desired performance. The human resource department may be responsible for developing or obtaining questionnaires and other devices for measuring performance. The performance measures may emphasize observable behaviours, or outcomes or both. 4.Employee Relations

The human resource department can also expect to handle certain kinds of communications from individual employees. Employees turn to the HR department for answers to questions about benefits and company policy. If employees feel they have been discriminated against, see safety hazards, or have other problems and are dissatisfied with their supervisor’s response, they may turn to the HR department for help. In organizations where employees belong to a union, employee relations...
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