Definition Of Recruitment And Selection Process

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1. Definition of recruitment and selection process
The recruitment and selection process is important for new and established businesses alike. Your human resources department has the support and expertise of employment specialists who assist hiring managers with the procedures to ensure your company leaders are making wise hiring decisions. There are several pieces to the recruitment and selection process: sourcing candidates, reviewing and tracking applicants, conducting interviews and selection for employment. 1.1 Sourcing Candidates

This is the first step in the recruitment and selection process. Sourcing candidates means your employment specialist is using a variety of methods to find suitable candidates for job vacancies. Sourcing can be done via online advertising on job and career sites or professional networking and participation in trade associations. Another creative sourcing technique employment specialists utilize is monitoring employment changes at industry competitors to recruit applicants familiar with the same type of business you are operating. 1.2 Tracking Applicants

The next steps in the recruitment and selection process are tracking applicants and applications and reviewing cv’s. Applicant tracking systems are becoming extremely helpful to employers, and this technology aids in the management of job vacancies and applications for every open position. Employment specialists use ATSs to review applications and cv’s. Following your employment specialist and applicant review, we can then decide which applicants we wants to interview. With some applicants can track application status. An ATS can be developed for organizations of any size, including small businesses. 1.3 Preliminary Phone Interview

Conducting a preliminary phone interview is essential for obtaining information about the applicant and background, work history and experience. When your employment specialist conducts a preliminary interview, the objective is to determine whether...
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