Contrasting the Leadership of Michael Dell and Andy Grove

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Management style was examined in the manner two industry leaders run a company that competes against each other, Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer Corporation and Andy Grove, co founder of Intel Corporation. (Krames, J.A. 2003). This paper studies both leaders’ unique contribution to the computer technology industry and the contrasted personal beliefs and leadership styles they exhibited on their way to success. Dell‘s high performance management predominantly lies in customizing consumer’s needs. Intel’s Andy Grove on the other hand is known for his common sense wisdom capitalizing on strategic approach. After comparing and contrasting the leadership pattern of Dell and Gove, factors contributing to one’s success suggest that outcomes may differ or vary depending on the management strategy one employs to gain success. Who are Michael Dell and Andy Grove and what did they do?

Michael Saul Dell was born in Houston, Texas with middle class parents. His father was an orthodontist while his mother was involved in stock trading and consulting. His early business acumen started during his college days selling computer drives in his dorm customizing these to the customer specifications. Before long, he registered his small business with an initial capitalization of $1,000 and soon embarked in supplying custom made PCs. He would purchase unsold IBM PCs; improve the memory drives, and turnaround selling them at a cost below his competitors. He took his company public in 1988 with $30 million initial public offering. His business soon reached global market and by 1992, at age 27, he became the youngest CEO to be included in the Fortune 500. His wealth is estimated at $15.5 billion.

Andy Grove. Born a Hungarian Jew as Andras Istvan Grof, Andy fled to the United States at age 20 to escape the Nazis in World War II. He worked his way to college and finished an Engineering degree at the...

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