A Case Study of Tesco

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Research Pages: 38 (13112 words) Published: August 27, 2013
What Is the Role and Influence of Relationship Marketing in the Retention and Acquisition of Customers? - A Case Study of Tesco

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Aims and Objectives
1.2 Research Questions
1.3 Background and rationale of the research
1.4 Expected Research Methodology
1.5 Scope and Importance of the Research
1.6 Summary of Chapter
Chapter 3 Research Methodology
3.1 Hypothesis
3.1.1 Techniques used for Research
3.1.2 Research Philosophies
3.1.3 Research Approaches
3.1.4 Types of Research Methods
3.1.5 Primary Data
3.1.6 Secondary Data
3.1.7 Pros of Primary Data
3.1.8 Comparison of Primary and Secondary Data
3.2 Chosen Research Approach
3.2.1 Strategy for Research
3.2.2 Research Design
3.2.3 Data Collection Tools
3.2.4 Focus Groups
3.2.5 Interviews
3.2.6 Direct Observation
3.2.7 Surveys
3.2.8 Data Recording
3.2.9 Data Analysis
3.2.10 Respondents
3.2.11 Techniques for Secondary Data Collection
3.3 Research Ethics
3.4 Research Validity
3.5 Research Limitations
Chapter 4 Data Analysis and Discussion
4.1 Secondary Data
4.1.1 Relationship Marketing at TESCO
4.1.2 Club Card Scheme and Its Working
4.1.3 Efficient Targeting of Consumer Sectors
4.1.4 Tesco Kids Club
4.1.5 Tesco Baby and Toddler Club
4.1.6 Tesco’s Club for Healthy Living
4.1.7 Tesco World of Wine Club
4.1.8 Tesco Air Miles Travel Company
4.2 Primary Data
4.2.1 Focus Groups Teenagers and youngsters Middle aged customers Middle to old age customers Parents Customers Married Customer
4.2.2 Surveys Mail Surveys In Person Surveys
4.2.3 Observation
4.2.4 Interview In Person Interviews Telephone Interviews
4.3 Survey Responses
Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendations

Chapter 1 Introduction
Advent of modern technologies and availability of information to the common people have made the business guy to think about their customers and customize their product to retain those customers. In the last forty years the business has moved from the transactional to relationship. In the recent past the business strategy was to create mass standardized products supported by huge marketing and services thereby. Berry, et al 2002 suggested that if any business organization follows this old fashioned business model will obviously lose in the present competitive market. This became an important issue due to the modern technology which helps the customers to be aware of the updated goods and fashions as well as decreasing product segregation in the global market.

Due to the constant changes in the present business world, the market has become more unstable. This notion is against the recommendation of Weinstein & Johnson (2003) where they proposed that at least 75% of a business farm’s marketing effort should be more customers oriented which can be achieved by developing and retaining an effective relationship with the customers. Business professionals who device strategies for marketing of their products uses relationship marketing where they plan over time on a particular event to target their profitable customers, the golden egg giver, and retaining relationship with them. Nowadays the approach of selling goods have been changed from short term quick scale scenario to long term business partner where the seller make a mutual agreement with the buyer as a partner of their business. As a result customers purchasing behaviour is predicted as well as reduced operation costs for customers acquisition and referrals where the relationship provides values to each of the customers who are the ultimate target of the business. (Li and Nicholls 2000)

The dissertation aims particularly at determining the relationship of the quality customer and its overall effect on the customer acquisition and retention based on the primary study of Tesco. This thesis mainly focused on the factors...
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