Contemporary Leadership Style, Do You Have What It Takes

Topics: Leadership, Management, Charismatic authority Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Principles of Management
Unit 4 Assignment
Chapter 14
October 27, 2012
Unit 4 Assignment
After watching the Camp Bow Wow video (approximately 10 minutes) answer the following questions: 1. Does Camp Bow Wow CEO Heidi Ganahl possess qualities associated with contemporary leadership? Explain. The concept of contemporary leader ship is the ability to evolve as the needs of the organization change. A contemporary leader has a fierce resolve to do what is best for the company. The contemporary leader accepts responsibility for mistakes, for example Heidi Ganahl, tried to start two other businesses before she finally opened the dog park. She clearly takes responsibility for her mistakes and gives the reason that she did not have a passion and was not completely devoted to the concept for it as her reason.

Heidi Ganahl wanted to grow her business and as a result started franchising. She had to evolve with the company as a leader because she was now dealing with over 200 businesses. The replication and duplication that comes with a franchise is the important part of that type of business. She still wanted to get ideas and feedback from the companies while maintaining the consistency of the brand. Heidi adopted an open door policy to the team members and gives them a chance to voice their suggestions and ideas.

The technology, economic conditions, labor conditions and the expectations of our culture play a part in the leadership process. The CEO says that the one thing our culture loves is consistency and by offering the franchise even though each owner is different, they must maintain the ability to “duplicate and replicate.” The customer expects to have the same services every time they visit the camp regardless of location. The leadership that CEO Heidi Ganahl gives her teams the ability and opportunity to set, pursue, and attain their goals. Her philosophy and style of leadership has awarded her a very successful franchise business. 2. In...
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