Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Classical mechanics, Force Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: December 16, 2012

Newton’s laws of motion states “If a force acts upon a body, then an equal and opposite force must act upon another body “. This system theory is appropriate for the case study “When Consultants and Clients Clash”. In the case study Mr. Kellogg believes the merger will go smoothly and assures the consultant that the transition will be seamless due to the similarities in each company’s policy. Mr. Kellogg is not in management and does not check the two policies for compatibility.  The employees being interviewed give a different picture opposite of Mr. Kellogg’s view. Mr. Kellogg later hires a consultant to combine policies and procedures. From the beginning Susan has many opportunities to resolve the conflict with Mr. Kellogg. Susan had opportunities to confront the situation before it grew to such a disaster. Things start going wrong and the farther along it progress, the bigger the problem became until it there is nothing you can do to stop it.  He does not understanding of the magnitude of the task at hand and the consultant and the employees begin to rebel and push back.

Another example of system theory is the force of magnetism. In magnetism like forces repel each other. Both companies are similar and by putting them together they repel each other. In the study, there are many feelings that are misconstrued from the exterior looking in.  The consultants fail because there are too many people ordering them to do things. Communication begins to deteriorate because they have no idea what they are up against. Susan and Roussos had early warning signs and did not speak up. Their lack of communication and planning proved instrumental in their failure. v
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