Topics: Temporal lobe, Cerebrum, Cognition Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Notes test 3

February 11
-someone that writes with right hand: speech production is heavily localized in left hemisphere, left hemi is responsible for integrating facts from present with info from past, right hemi is responsible for face perception, -Cutting corpus callosum causes left and right brain to work independently. Things flashed to right of cross go to left hemi and vice versa. Both eyes see a bit of the opposite visual field about 15 degrees. Left hemi controls right side of body and vice versa. Left hemi sees to right and controls on the left and vice versa. If corpus callosum is intact, -if a picture flashes to left visual field, the right hemi wont be able to say the word because only left hemi can produce speech -Toad and stool =

-left hemi makes sense of all images the right brain takes in and right hemi recognizes faces

February 4
TMS: people with brain damage lose visual imagery and visual perception. By putting big current through coil is creates little currents in axons and it creates an electrical storm in this part of brain and disrupts all activity for 10-20 milliseconds. TMS has been shown that visual imagery and perception are using same basic machinery.

February 6
System 1: saying something and noticing that the other person didn’t understand it, intuition says you should repeat it. System 2: can come up with solutions we wouldn’t expect or have anticipated. Once we have a solution we can explain where it came from instead of saying “it seemed like the right thing to me”. Novel, more accurate. -Moneyball says that managers and scouts were insensitive to important things that would make a player successful, and cared more about the physique to be a good baseball player. It is a heuristic. -anchors are values that get you thinking in one or another. -attribute substitution is where we know 1 attribute about a persona and can use it to substitute to some other info that we’d like to know that we think might be related...
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