Consumer Behavior Indonesia

Topics: Automobile, Renault, Suzuki Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: February 24, 2013
At one time, a friend of a high-ranking Japanese car maker, which has just started his job in Jakarta, asking journalists: “ why in this country a lot of similar cars passing by on the highway? “ The journalists could not answer. Two years later as he ended his assignment in Jakarta he told the same reporters , he said. "I think I know the answer". According to him. in many countries people choose a car base on their needs. However. in Indonesia, most people selecting a car base on cars that are owned by a neighbor, a relative family, even co-workers. It was explained that’s why we see many very similar cars on the road, in housing complexes, parking lots at the office. at the mall, or in the shopping center. Why this is so? The answer can be very diverse ranging from, too lazy too think about what car to suit their needs. until the attitude that is not to be outdone by the neighbors, family. or co-workers. For the one that is too lazy to think, they would prefer to ask the neighbors or relatives. or co-workers about their cars. The question was simple. How is the car. Is it nice. Is it economical. or high consumption of gasoline? They are too lazy to go to a show room and check or read manual or brochures or read the guide book, It will be the last thing will be done by consumers in Indonesia. not only for cars, even for a more simple thing. like mobile phones (mobile) and Digital camera, the consumer is prefer to ask a friend who own similar mobile phones or digital cameras rather than reading the manual. As for those who do not want to outdone, just going to buy a car similar to those of neighbors or coworkers. Brand or model is not important to them. That also explains why the first car model marketed in certain segments and success, it will ensure that the car will continue to dominate the segment. Other cars that get into that segment just going to be a complement., only to be the second and third. Experience shows that to replace the first one was...
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