Consumer Behavior Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Consumer behaviour, HSBC Pages: 4 (1258 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Consumer behavior case study

Introduction of the company
HSBC Bank UK is a public limited company that is headquartered in London, England. The HSBC was founded in Hong Kong, China, but was forced to move to London in 1992.

According to Forbes Magazine, HSBC Bank is the largest banking group in the world. Also, Forbes Magazine stated that the bank is the sixth largest company in the world.

HSBC Bank has many locations all over the world; a significant number of the locations are within Asia. HSBC Bank is also listed in the Stock Exchanges on Hong Kong, Paris, New York City, Bermuda and London.

With all of its geographical locations, none dominate in terms of total earnings for the HSBC Bank group, but an increase in the expansion in Hong Kong is returning some of its roots to its founding country. Explanation

Our case study is to use the HSBC as example analysis to take different advertises strategy publicity the same theme of the product, so that the product is different to stimulate consumer interest in.

Question 1:
How does this campaign illustrate the concepts of consumer learning and also of perception? Marketing staff through reducing the potential advertising fatigue ways of applying different marketing means of packaging the same theme product advertisements so as to enhance the interest in a product. For example, HSBC will be positioning as" the world’s local bank". Using this theme to propagate, due to personal subjective point of view is different, as a result of the different values, so the significance of the product is different, but still reflect the same theme. Company often does a consumer research to grasp the consumer demand. The consumer research has six steps. Defining the objectives of the research. Collecting and evaluating secondary data. Designing a primary research study. Collecting primary data. Analyzing the data. Preparing a report on the findings. If the purpose of the study is to come up with new ideas for...
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