Hsbc and Lloyds

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Quantitative Technique in Business
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 HSBC4
1.3 Sample Characteristic5
2.0 The conceptual model used for analysis7
2.1 The conceptual Model7
2.2 Justification for the selection of variables8
3.0 Regression Analysis8
3.1 Regression Analysis for Entire Sector ( Both HSBC & LLOYDS TSB)8
3.2.3 Interpretation of the model coefficients – HSBC9
Focusing on the reasons showing significance, it can be observed that X4 and X6 are very significance.10
3.1.0 Interpretation of Model for sector (HSBC & LLOYS TSB)10
3.1.1 Regression Analysis Model10
3.1.2 Goodness-of-fit: Sector:10
3.1.3 Interpretation of the model coefficients –Sector10
3.1.4 Significance of coefficient – Sector10
3.2 Regression Model for HSBC11
3.2.0 Interpretation of Model for HSBC12
3.2.1 Regression Analysis Model – HSBC12
3.2.2 Goodness-of-fit – HSBC12
3.2.4 Significance of coefficients HSBC12
3.3 Regression Model for LLOYDS TSB13
3.3.0 Interpretation of Model for sector (LLOYDS TSB)14
3.3.1 Regression Analysis Model LLOYDS TSB14
3.3.2 Goodness-of-fit: LLOYDS TSB14
3.3.3 Interpretation of the model coefficients LLOYDS TSB14
3.3.4 Significance of coefficients LLOYDS TSB14
4.0 Conclusion and Recommendation15
5.0 Reference15 access on 10/04/201315
6. Appendix15

1.0 Introduction
The aim of this assignment is to identify the major factors that affect to profitability of the HSBC and LLOYDS TSB which are in the banking and finance market. The major statistical tools that are used in this report include regression analysis (for the linear additive model) and the t-test in compare between two companies. 1.1 HSBC

HSBC is the world’s largest banking and financial in serving and sort out business and person needs. It was founded in 1865 in which original office in Hong Kong and Shanghai. HSBC stands for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and The Head quarter of HSBC London is in Canary Wharf. Currently, HSBC has nearly 6.600 offices in more than 80 countries around the world and more than 58 million customers. (See Over the last five years, the profits of this company have been plunge and turnaround. Figure 1 below shows the profits for the last 5 years. Year| Profit before tax|

2008| 6498|
2009| 6694|
2010| 14191|
2011| 17944|
2012| 15334|

Lloyds TSB, which is the bank of Scotland, was renamed Lloyds Banking Group plc. on 19-02-2009, following the acquisition of HBOS plc. There are three people in one bank therefore it make Lloyds has a strong position in the number of sector and become a largest retail bank in the UK. Their performance over the years has been plunged and has no signal that it will turnover. Figure 2 below is their financial statement over the last 5 years.

Year| Profit after Tax|
2008| 798|
2009| 2953|
2010| -258|
2011| -2714|
2012| -1343|

1.3 Sample Characteristic
Out of a total of 40 questionnaires sent out for data collection, 35 consumers responded. The descriptive statistics is as shown in the tables 1-3 below. Table 1: Gender Characteristic

| Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| female| 19| 54.3| 54.3| 54.3|
| male| 16| 45.7| 45.7| 100.0|
| Total| 35| 100.0| 100.0| |

Table2: Age Characteristics

| Frequency| Percent| Valid Percent| Cumulative Percent| Valid| under 18years| 4| 11.4| 11.4| 11.4|
| 18-30 years| 27| 77.1| 77.1| 88.6|
| 30 years and above| 4| 11.4| 11.4| 100.0|
| Total| 35| 100.0| 100.0| |

Figure 3: Gender and Continent

2.0 The conceptual model used for analysis
In creating the questionnaire, the performance will be developed with the independent variables that will impact to the companies. The conceptual...
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