Marketing of Liability Products of Bank

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Topic: Marketing of Bank’s Liability products

Marketing Management – I

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Marketing of Liability Products
Commercial banks offers a varieties of product to the customers, these products are known as ‘’liability product” because they represent liability of the bank. Consumer generally know them as “deposit product”. There are number of Liabilty products, some of the liability products are listed below * Savings Account

* Fixed Deposit Account
* Recurring Deposit
* Current Account
* NRI Account
These products are the basic products of bank which are taking new dimensions in the banking world as the competition is tougher. The products which are mentioned above are the products of Retail Banking.

Wholesale banking is another big segment of bank which deals with the SME and Corporate clients. WholeSale Banking
Wholesale banking is the provision of services by banks to the likes of large corporate clients, mid-sized companies, real estate developers and investors, international trade finance businesses, institutional customers (such as pension funds and government entities/agencies), and services offered to other banks or other financial institutions. In essence, wholesale banking services usually involve high value transactions. Divisions

* Corporate Banking
* Small & Medium Enterprises Banking

Products of Wholesale Banking
HSBC| ICICI| Bank Of Baroda|
* Working Capital Term Loan * Post Shipment Finance * Packing Credit * Overdraft * Distributor Finance * Bill Discounting| * Commercial Banking * Global Markets * Investment Banking * FI, Capital Markets & Custodial Services * Structured Finance * Project Finance * International Banking * Government Banking * Technology Finance| * Trade Finance products * Cash Management Products * Treasury Products * Bridge Loans * Syndicated Loans * Infrastructure Loans * Cross Currency/Interest Rate Swaps * Foreign Currency Loans and many more depending upon the needs of the Corporates. |

Product Innovation
There are several other products to mention in the list of products. The banks are actually innovating products. Each and every bank started innovating new products from their basic products. The above tabular column shows the different products of different banks with different names. The products are basically same but the schemes, terms and conditions differs. The targeted customer also differs with each and every product. To be more clear let us look into the retail products of the Standard Chartered Bank. Example of Standard Chartered understand the Product innovation; Business Plus Account

Standard Chartered Bank presents the Business Plus Account. A current account that helps you get more out of your business. At Standard Chartered, we ensure that your banking is most economical with our Business Plus Account so that you may reinvest the money saved in your business. Take a look at the unique benefits of having a Business Plus Account: * FREE Drafts on our branch locations As a Business Plus customer, you can now avail of drafts & pay orders payable at any of our branches up to 75 a quarter. * FREE Payable at par cheques You can issue cheques payable at par at any of our branch locations, free of cost. * FREE National Electronic Fund Transfers Now, transfer funds seamlessly to accounts in over 63 banks and 26000 branches across India. The funds can be transferred within 24 hours*. FREE Anywhere banking facility You can conduct your banking transactions from any of our branches spread across the country, irrespective of the branch where your account was opened. SuperValue Account

The unique SuperValue savings account from Standard Chartered is proof that the best...
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