Consumer Behavior

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Decision theory, Abraham Maslow Pages: 39 (12307 words) Published: May 1, 2012
University of Halmstad School of Business and Engineering “Master of Science in International Marketing”

Master’s degree level Dissertation

Assessing Youth’s Buying Behaviour towards Sports Shoes (A Case Study of Nike)

Dissertation in “International Marketing”, 20 Swedish credits (30 ECTS)


Srungaram Narsimha Vamshi Krishna
Supervisor: Venilton Reinert Professor: Svante Andersson

S.S.No. 810609-3035


Pg No.

Acknowledgement Abstract 1. Introduction and background 2. Purpose of the study 3. Literature review a. Types of consumer’s buying decision behavior b. Complex buying behavior c. Dissonance d. Variety 4. The buying decision process a. Introduction of buying decision process b. The buying decision process c. Evaluation of alternative d. Purchase decision e. Post purchase behavior 5. Theoretical frame work a. Consumer involvement theory 6. Consumer behavior models a. Introduction and Intergradations of three models b. Hierarchy needs of consumer behavior model c. Consumer behavior model d. Lens model 8. Nike’s Introduction (Nike’s Case Studies) a. Financial performance b. Employees c. Contract factories d. Nike branding 9. Methodology of the Study a. Introduction b. Method c. Types of research d. Research approach e. Population and sample f. Instrument to collect the data g. Research validity and reliability 10. Analysis of the study a. Graphical analysis

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b. Empirical analysis qualitative part c. Empirical analysis of quantitative part d. Over all analysis of the study 11. Suggestions and Findings 12. Conclusion 13. Further Research 14. Limitations of the Study 15. Reference List Appendix

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Contents of diagrams
6. Consumer behavior models 1. Maslow hierarchy needs model 2. Consumer behavior model 3. Lens model 10. Analysis of the study a. Graphical Analysis 1. Fig No.2.1 2. Fig No.2.2 3. Fig No.2.3 4. Fig No.2.4 5. Fig No.2.5 6. Fig No.2.6 7. Fig No.2.7 8. Fig No.2.8 9. Fig No.2.9 10. Fig No.2.10 11. Fig No.2.11 12. Fig No.2.12 13. Fig No.2.13 14. Fig No.2.14 15. Fig No.2.15 16. Fig No.2.16 17. Fig No.2.17 18. Fig No.2.18 19. Fig No.2.19 (Fig No. 1.1) (Fig No. 1.2) (Fig No. 1.3) 14 14 16 18 25 24 25 25 26 27 28 28 29 30 30 30 31 31 32 33 33 34 34 35 35


The author wish to thank the faculty of International marketing of the Halmstad University involved in the Master of Science in International Marketing. In particular I am grateful to my supervisor Venilton Reinert and my professor Svante Andersson, for their guidance and incentive give throughout the dissertation. I thank my friends, who are co-operated in this research area, I express my deep gratitude to my parents for their permanent love and support. I Vamshi thank my dear friends, who are supported for this research, I am grateful to my mother for her dedication, encouragement while doing the research. Once more I thank to my mother and father for their belief that, through education we can make a better world for ourselves, and the world around us. Finally, last but not least, my beloved brother for his constant support and affection. ‘‘Process of learning, one should not forget the purpose of Learning ’’ by Swami Vivekananda (1890-1938).

Author Srungaram Narsimha Vamshi Krishna P.No. 810609-3035

The paper focuses on attitudes and behavior on the concept of the youth’s buying behavior towards branded sports shoes, different consumers have got different decision 3

making process. The buyer’s ultimate goal is to buy the product of qualitative, quantitative with low/best affordable price. In order to identify different kinds of consumer’s behavior towards buying of different branded shoes and Nike sports shoe. I have carried out buying behavior of youth and different kind of consumer behavior models, literature and theory of consumer...
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