Constitutional Analysis

Topics: House of Lords, Democracy, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Stephanie Hatcher
Lindsay Stifen
Jackie Munez
Linda Fletcher

Federal Government
Constitutional Analysis

The name of our government is The Royales seeing it went along with our type of government so well. We decided a Constitutional Monarchy would be the ideal government. The problems we have with our government can be solved by listening to the people. A problem we see with it is that to obtain certain positions you do have to be of royal blood to be King or Queen or to be in the House of Lords. This government seems to be for a smaller country/district, along with that we would definitely have to figure out how much we would actually be taxing to cover things such as healthcare and education. Once the taxes situation would be worked out we feel as though a Constitutional Monarchy would be a great choice to have as a government. The Constitutional Monarchy functions by Parliament that consist of two houses which are the House of Lords and House of Commons. The House of Lords is a body of Monarch appointed by the Queen or King whereas the House of Commons is a body of elected officials voted in by the People. We have the Queen or King as the figurehead for our government. Parliament will be responsible but not limited to collecting taxes, declaring war, borrowing and coining money, naturalization, and impeachment. The people will have a say and with whom they elect into the House. There are more liberties that the people have but at regulated prices such as, the right to bear arms. People are allowed to bear arms but with more of a strict licensing to obtain a firearm. People have the right to marry no matter race, gender, preference, or religion. Also, gender equality and drinking and voting age are set at the legal age of 18 when people are able to join the military and risk their own life for their country. It doesn't seem to have many disadvantages as it is truly mixing royalty and commoners together. We made the terms and age which officials can...
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