Antz Essay: Governmental Issues Like Monarchy, Communism And Democracy

Topics: Form of government, Government, Forms of government Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: February 24, 2013
In the movie “Antz”, the producers tied many governmental issues into the story. The colony was led like a Monarchy, Communism, and Democracy. Communism for example was a major part of the story. Communism is a system where everything belongs to "the community", so people own nothing much more than the clothes on their back, and the State owns everything. It leaves no reward for personal incentive, and even the lives of the populace don't belong to them, but to the State. Resisting was often death. Communism is the next step between socialism and death. The government dictated the entire colony and every aspect of the ant’s lives. The person leading this type of government was General Mandible. An example of why it is communism is because the ant workers are forced to work and everything that General Mandible orders gets done. General Mandible made the decision that the termites were going to attack and asked the queen for authorization to send troops which she agreed to do.

Another major classic type of government depicted in the movie was Monarchy. Monarchy is an idealized form of government, a monarchy where the ruler has the power to rule his or her country and citizens freely with no laws or legally-organized direct opposition telling him or her what to do, although some religious authority may be able to discourage the monarch from some acts and the sovereign is expected to act according to custom. As a theory of civics, absolute monarchy puts total trust in well-bred and well-trained monarchs raised for the role from birth. The way that this government functions in the film is that the queen is the one that makes all the decisions, although she has an advisor by the name of General Mandible which is a form of a unitary system. We know what she runs a monarchy because the term “Queen” obviously belongs in the Monarchy definition. Although General Mandible is able to make decisions on his own, he can always be override by the queen since she has Absolute...
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