Topics: Law, Constitution, Constitutional monarchy Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: January 8, 2013
. The 1987 Constitution.
2. Purpose
a. Serves as the the supreme of fundamental law- a constitution is the charter creating the government. it has the status of a supreme orfundamental law as it speaks for the entire people whom it derives its claim to obedience. b. Establishes basic framework and underlying principles of government- the constitution is also reffered to as the organic and basic law being or relating to the law by the virtue of which the government exists as such. 3.

4. Types of constitution
1. As to their origin and history:
a. Conventional or enacted- one which i enacted by a constituent assembly/ b. Cumulative or evolved- like the english constitution, one which is a product of growth or a long period of development... 2. As to their form:

a. written- one which has been given the definite written form at a particular time.\ b. Unwritten- The product of evolution.
3. As to manner of amending them:
a. Rigid or elastic- document of special sanctity
b. Flexible or elastic- which possesses no higher legal authority than ordinary laws and which you may be altered in the same way as other laws. 5. Requisites of good constitution
1. As to form
a. Brief-
b. Broad- because the statement of the powers and functions of government, and of the relations bet. the governing body and the governed, requires that it be as comprehensive as possible. c. Definite- because otherwise the application of its provisions to concrete situations may prove unduly difficult if not possible. 2. As to content

a. The dealing with the framework of gov. and its powers and defining the electorate. b. the settling forth the fundamental rights of the people and imposing certain limitations on the power of the gov. as a means of securing the enjoyment of these rights. c. the pointing out mode or procedure for amending or revising the constitution.
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