Unit 245 Understand the Context of Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities.

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Unit 245 – Understand the context of supporting individuals
with learning disabilities.

1.1a) Human Rights act 1998
b) Equality act 2010
c) Disability discrimination act 1995
d) Mental Capacity act 2005

1.2a) Improved the standards of care given to individuals with a learning disability, it gave individuals the right to life, right to privacy and the right not to be subjected to degrading or inhuman treatment.

b) Protects the rights of individuals and promotes equality for all, gives the right for all people to be treated the same regardless of race, age, sex or disability.

c) Made it unlawful for employers to discriminate against people based on a disability, it gave individuals a greater chance to live a full life and achieve what they would like to do. It also ensured that provisions for disabled people in employment are met.

d) Ensured that even if an individual was unable to make decisions themselves, they are protected by clear guidelines for those that make the decisions for them. It became unlawful for anyone to neglect or ill-treat an individual who lacked the capacity to make decisions themselves.

Unit 245 – Understand the context of supporting individuals
with learning disabilities.

2.1A condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the normal level expected of those of the same age.

2.2Genetics, brain injury or damage, Down’s syndrome, complications at birth, Cerebral Palsy or meningitis.

2.3Medical – This is defined by the individuals disability, the medical diagnosis and promotes the view that the individual is dependant on society and excludes the individual from ‘fitting in’. Social – Developed by disabled people. This defines society as the problem, being that society creates the barriers which prevent the individual playing a part in general, every day life.

2.4Approximately 25%

2.5Parents may find it hard to accept their child’s problems initially. Daily life would have to be altered to help support an individuals needs. Outside care may need to be brought in. Aids may need to be fitted in a family home. Other siblings may feel pushed out as the child/individual with a learning disability was given the attention which may lead to sibling rivalry.

Unit 245 – Understand the context of supporting individuals
with learning disabilities.

3.1No longer institutionalized. Supported living and domiciliary care is in place and rest bite is now provided for families.

3.2Any previously institutionalized individuals may struggle to settle into life with rights and choices. They may be unable to adapt to no longer being hidden away and treated as individuals. Services had to change and adapt to being governed by strict guidelines, legislation and codes of practice that provide equality and individualized, person centred care.

Older carers may find it difficult to adapt and may not understand the changes, they may still have outdated ideas and fall back into bad habits.

3.3a) No longer live in institutions, are now able to live in their own homes and live as independently as possible.
b) Individuals can now participate in every day activities such as horse riding, ice-skating, bowling etc. These activities would have been classed as too difficult at one point as individuals with a learning disability were treated as incapable.

c) Equal Rights Act and Disability Discrimination Act ensure everyone should have the chance of employment.
d) Now have the rights to have a family, this again would have been looked at as something an individual with a disability was not able to do, so was prevented.
e) Individuals now have the right to refuse care; they have the right to choose which doctor they would like to see and they now have the right to consent to treatment. Previously they would have had medication forced upon them and all decisions would...
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