Conger Persuasion Article

Topics: Regulatory Focus Theory, Employment, The Work Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: January 15, 2013
1. Before you read the Conger article, thing about recent examples in which you tried to persuade someone else to adopt your view on an important issue. How did you go about this? What strategies did you use? After you read the Conger article, consider how your strategies compare to the recommendations made by Conger.

I work in consulting and was recently attempting to persuade a colleague to assist me in making multiple “pitch” presentations to a potential client. I explained to my colleague the revenue benefits and tried to impress upon him, through persistent verbal reasoning, that he played a key role in discussing past projects in order to crudentialize us as a trusted advisor. After reading the Conger article, I realized that instead of being vague and forceful in my verbal revenue argument I should have more effectively framed my request through presenting revenue data for each potential opportunity. I would have provided this data as a means by which my co-worker could see the revenue opportunity cost of him attending vs. not attending. Secondly, I realized that despite us seeing one another in the office I have never taken time in the past to build a relationship with my co-worker. He likely felt that I went to him when I needed him rather than working within a give-and-take foundational relationship.

2. In the article, “Harnessing the Science of Persuasion,” Cialdini explains six basic principles of persuasion. Of these six, which one would you select as the most important in the organizations you have worked for and why? Provide a concrete example of a time when you have seen this principle at work.

Within my current organization Cialdini’s principle of “Liking” is the most important for multiple reasons. First, I work in consulting and our entire business is service-oriented. Much of the new revenue we earn is due to starting and building upon relationships with clients. I often find this process is as easy as finding commonalities both...
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