Conflict Resolution in Jails and Prisons

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Conflict Resolution in Jails and Prisons

Conflict Resolution in Jails and Prisons
As learned from the assigned readings diverse levels of negotiation techniques are instituted to resolve conflict. As a supervisor in a correctional setting, I am tasked with resolving conflict amongst staff, public, and inmates. In the jail and prison systems, conflict management tools are utilized for managing conflict between staff, as well as, inmates. In cases where inmate conflict cannot be resolved, the claim has to be forwarded for resolution through an inmate grievance process. A grievance procedure can be utilized to address a comprehensive range of complaints. The grievance procedure will create an avenue for inmates to resolve concerns regarding policies and conditions within the authority of the correctional entity that affect them personally, in addition to, actions by staff and other inmates. The main purpose of the grievance procedure shall not be used as a disciplinary procedure. There are programs and schools of thought that enable inmates, through teachings in the field of mediation, to resolve issues themselves without the outside influences of correctional staff. In February 2012, two California attorneys, Douglas E. Noll and Laurel G. Kaufer, received the 2012 California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award for their pro bono project, Prison of Peace.  Prison of Peace taught communication, mediation, and de-escalation skills to inmates at the Valley Maximum Security State Prison for Women located in Chowchilla, California (PR Web, 2012). Inmates who have completed the program are trained to de-escalate and resolve conflicts among fellow inmates and, in some cases, between inmates and staff. When mediation sessions occurred, the inmates would prepare written reports documenting the completion of full Mediations, in addition to, the types of conflicts averted. According to the Warden, Walter Miller, from the inception of the program there has been an...

References: PR Web. (2012). Mediators to Receive 2012 California Attorney of the Year Award for Pro Bono Project: Prison of Peace. Retrieved from
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