Conflict Resolution

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Everyone faces conflict in their lives on a daily basis. It is an accepted and expected part of life. Conflict is not a problem in itself - it is what we do with it that counts. You can't avoid conflict in your life, at home, at work, and even at play. Wherever people interact, there is a potential for conflict. That is not bad news because good things can arise, and relationships can improve through conflict, provided conflict is managed with thought and attention. The bad news is that most of us are fairly limited in how we manage and resolve conflict situations, often throwing gasoline on the fire. It doesn't have to be that way.

At the end of the report, the graduate students will be able to: 1. Define Conflict and Conflict Resolution.
2. Name the 4 basic categories of Conflict Resolution.
3. Give at least 3 out of 11 strategies of conflict resolution.

Conflict among Nurses
Nursing is a profession that is based on collaborative relationship with clients and colleagues but, when two or more people view issues from different perspectives, these relationships can be compromised by conflict. Although, the majority belief about conflict is as being negative issue. However, the experience of dealing with conflict can lead to positive outcomes for nurses, their colleagues, and clients. If conflict is not managed effectively, it can hinder a nurse`s ability to provide quality client care and escalate into violence and abuse. Because of this, nurses need to be aware of the ways in which conflict can escalate and be prepared to prevent or manage it in the workplace. Because nurses have interpersonal relationship with people having a variety of different values, beliefs, backgrounds, and goals, conflict is an expected outcome. The primary concern whenever there is conflict among nurses is the negative effects it will create on the quality of service given to the clients. A conflict that remains unresolved can have a far-reaching effect that ultimately influences every aspect of client care. Conflict that is managed effectively by nurses can lead to personal and organizational growth, but if not managed effectively, it can hinder a nurse's ability to provide quality client care, and escalate into violence and abuse. Because of this, nurses need to be aware of the ways in which conflict can escalate and be prepared to prevent or manage it in the workplace. Nurses who effectively deal with conflict demonstrate respect for their clients, colleagues, and the profession.

Causes of Conflict
The cause of workplace conflict is often misunderstood and blamed on personalities and misbehavior, but in reality much workplace conflict is systemic and endemic to the workplace environment. Ineffective organizational systems, unpredictable policies, incompatible goals, scarce resources, and Poor communication can all contribute to conflict among different parties in the workplace including the hospital settings. Other causes of conflict may include, personality conflict, value difference, goal differences among others. Similarly, Johnson, 1994. Maintains that, "cost containment, restructuring of health care organizations, and competitions have given rise to increased conflict for nursing".

Conflict Resolution Skills
1. Initiate discussion - choose the issue(s) you want to address and be specific 2. Communicate - choose language that is concise, avoiding vague/general terms 3. LISTEN - effectively
4. Recognize the need and ability to make personal changes 5. Learn and use what you have learned
6. Seek out resources and support as necessary
According Farlex free dictionary, conflict is defined as a state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or interests; a clash. Also, Kelly, 2006. Defined conflict as "A disagreement between individuals who perceive a threat to their needs, interests, and or concerns".

General perceptions of...

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