Week 4 Assignment Team Case AnalysisLES

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Week 4 – Assignment: Team Case Analysis
L.E.S. Inc.
Yenny Hardin, Christina Romano, Bubba Bartlett, & Joseph Nitchals University of Saint Mary
Adithan, M. said about manufacturing process and planning, “an industrial undertaking, if it is to survive, must be of the latest developments brought about by continuous application of new technology and methods used in production. It must continuously strive for improvements in the efficiency of its production and must consistently aim at producing better quality goods at lower prices than its competitors.” (p. 1) The L.E.S. case addresses the issues of a growing manufacturing plant trying to stay competitive by addressing issues of quality and production. The plant in Worcester has eight managers that share the same status hierarchy and perform interdependently, which in this case is causnig a conflict in finding a resolution to the problems that the plant is facing. (Ivancevich, Konopaske, & Matteson, 2011).

L.E.S, Inc manufactures electrical products. The L.E.S. plant is located in Worcester. Over the past three years the Worcester plant has seen a rapid growth and has doubled its workforce. However, adding more workers have not improved quality and production processes. Under the manufacturing manager there are the different department’s managers such as John Drummond, the production manager with fifteen years with the company; Mike Peterson, the quality manager with twelve years with the company; Chris Brooks, engineering manager with three years with the company and the only female on the management team; Rich Sweeney, the materials manager who has been in the company for six years; and Bob Lemire the design manager with one year with the company. The case has identified three areas of conflicts that are causing production problems: a high scrap rate; no leeway in meeting excess demands; quality standards not met. The manufacturing manager, Martin Collins, requested a meeting with all the mangers to address the issues and find possible solutions. During the meeting other issues besides production and quality control surfaced such as communication and interdependence. Problems

L.E.S., Inc. has multiple problems throughout the organization, however communication is the biggest looming issue in the entire Worcester Plant. The management group will never be able to get things done if they are constantly battling, ignoring, and interrupting each other.

The true conflicts that arise throughout the case are dysfunctional conflict caused by goal differences, reciprocal interdependence, win-lose negotiating and groupthink. Chris and John seem to be the two biggest antagonist of this rooted problem. They seem unwilling to work with one another and are out for themselves. Different perspective about the problems

Each of the six members in attendance of the meeting having mostly come with a singular focuses, themselves and the departments they manager. Every member has their own ideas and are clearly focused that their idea is best. The goal differences amongst the management team pushes away any possibility of synergy thus creating further issues. Managers have a hard time seeing another group’s complications as important because they are one track minded and are not concerned with issues external to their department. Managers become defensive if they feel like their group is being criticized or having blame placed on them for an organizational problem. John Drummond is a key example in this instance. John arrogantly disregards the other managers’ identifications to the problems and the solutions that they provide. He criticizes ideas that oppose or do not fall in line with his own. This scare tactic push others to fall in line with John’s ideas and cause the other managers to fear him.

Conflict resolution

Stages of group development

Group Characteristics

Individual differences

Culture at...

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