Conflict Scenario Paper

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Confilct Scenario paper

Conflicts are more common than not in this day and age. You can have a conflict in a work or school environment over anything. In order to fix most conflicts there has to be an open communication. Lack of communication can cause more problems than fix them. Since Greg does not want to talk to me, I’ll start by sending him an email stating that I did not understand what I did wrong. I would like him to email me back to let me know what was going on. Then if I did not receive an email from Greg, I would then try him by phone and leave a message if he did not answer my call. If he did not answer that message, then I would try and talk to him in person again. In person I would start off by saying, “I know you do not want to talk with me, but since we are co-workers on the same team I find it difficult to work together with this lack of communication. We really need to be able to communicate for the sake of the team. So please, just hear me out. I would just like to know what I did wrong. If I knew what I did wrong then maybe I could fix it, make it better, or even have our boss take me off the team so that we do not cause problems at work with the rest of the team members.” Then after that I would hope he would communicate to me what the problem really was. This way we could both resolve the problem at hand and make it better for ourselves and everyone in our team. In the past when I was at a team meeting for the place that I worked, a co-worker and I had a disagreement. It all started out when she interrupted me while I was speaking in front of the group of cashier’s. I was addressing what was expected of all of us during the busy holiday season and at first she was like “Why do you get to tell us what to do”, and I said, “The manager put me ahead of the cashier’s for this busy time of the year and I am just trying to make this go as smooth as possible”. The next thing I know she said, “That this is not right and she...
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