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Conflict between Future of Retailing and Out-of-Town Mega Shopping Malls

By taylorj03 Mar 23, 2011 398 Words
The conflict is between those who see the future of retailing in the town centre, and those who believe the way forward is with retail parks and out of town mega shopping malls. -Introudction…
The issue of location can be seen as the main determinant in a companies ability to survive. Long run/short run. When a company makes a long term decision regarding location they are placed at the mercy of their decisions. If such a venture proves unsuccessful you are only able to react initially through the medium of short term actions which will ultimately fail to arrest the downward spiral. Consequently, the issue of location must be respected as any costly errors may cost you success. Location decisions are complex, must satisfy consumer needs for CONVENIANCE, ACCESIBILITY and QUALITY whilst offering a competitive advantage for the organisation. Also consider, ADEQUATE ACCESS FOR DELIVERIES, AVAILIABILITY OF LABOUR. More sites available but also more COMPETITION for sites, due to rivals and stricter planning regulations of out of town developments.

-Comment on retailing trends…

-Future of retail is in the town centre…
UNPLANNED SHOPPING CENTRE, (evolved in gradual piece meal manner i.e. high street). Ownership is fragmented and rely on customer traffic generated by other attractions to the centre i.e. leisure. VARIETY OF RETAILERS, leads to comparison shopping for customers. RETAIL COMPOSITION of unplanned centres is UNREGULATED and hence, unlike planned centres, there are no quotas on particular types of retailers within the centre.

-Future of retail is with retail parks and out of town shopping malls… SOLUS/FREESTANDING SITE, (stand away site, usually purpose built). Chosen because of SPATIAL MONOPOLY or OPERATIONAL EFFICENY. Must generate own FOOTFALL through advertising as it cannot rely on the ‘centre’ to attract customers. Require planning permission which may be difficult to obtain. PLANNED SHOPPING CENTRE (deliberately designed and developed for retail use). May be a single building with multiple stores e.g. shopping mall, or a group of physically different stores with common access and car parking. Single ownership, actively promoted as single entity. CONSISTENT IMAGE, maintained by restricting retailers activities, such as the type of store design and the tenant mix will be carefully coordinated.

Choice between planned and unplanned depends on the amount and type of customer traffic a centre generates, and the quality and sustainability of the site for specific retailers and retail activity.

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