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This paper describes the content of each construction block for a new company, a process that must be conducted prior to writing the business plan. In addition, it explains to new business developers how to present the paper. Objectives

“Building Blocks” are a number of written assignments and research work whose result would enable the founding group to attain “expert” level in its business. Simultaneously, they will provide the group with the research bases and the knowledge required to develop the business and write the business plan. “Building Blocks” define the world and the business environment, the industry where the firm will operate and produce its output, as well as the rules of the game and company structure and function. Actually, it is the start of an endless discovery process, one of research, monitoring, measuring, feedback, and continuous improvement the firm will require being an industry leader in the long run. “Building Blocks” document, however, is not a draft of the business plan. Building Blocks

The “Building Blocks” paper must include, at least, a front cover, a table of contents, and the sections mentioned below.
1. A detailed definition of the business, products, and the founding group. In addition, an Action Plan is required to carry out the project from the construction of the Building Blocks to the writing of the business plan and presentations to be made (fields or topics to be covered, dates, staff responsible for each task, and so on.)

2. New business’ mission and vision. Mission is the reason to be of the business and vision is where I want to be in five to ten years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The original note entitled LOS BLOQUES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN PARA NUEVAS EMPRESAS was written by Esteban R. Brenes, Ph.D. in September 2001.

Translated in full by Luis Diego Marín from TRAYSER S.A., Alajuela,...
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