Confidentiality: Data Protection Act 1998

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In this assignment I will write about my knowledge and understanding on confidentiality. There are different types of confidentiality. It is the right of every parents/carer that information about them is respected, kept in confidence, safely, securely and in the accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. A teaching assistant needs to understand how important it is to respect confidentiality if we went to gain and keep respect of other adults and parents in the settings, although it is the most difficult to maintain. There is also legislation about confidentiality which gives children and their family their right to privacy.

It is important to reassure children, young people, and adults that any information about them is kept confidential and only used when necessary; by reassuring the adults give them confidence to know they can talk with you and build trust. Breaking trust could lead to reluctance in sharing important information with us. In most cases we cannot share the information about a child or their family unless you have asked for permission or a consent form from their parents. There are information that needs to be shared like food allergies or other allergies, medical needs. All staff dealing with the child needs to know about this. And of course any declaration of abuse, or suspicious would need to be shared with management and those responsible for the child protection in your settings and outside agencies like social services, police etc…

Kind of information when confidentiality protocol must be breached with safeguarding issues, health issues and medical conditions: * When you suspect that there is child or infant abuse.
* When there has been injury, illness, or other such events that medical staff needs information pronto. * When the child is unconscious or you need other medical information.

In a school every parents and carers are asked for a variety of information so that the school personnel are able...
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