Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: October 12, 2013
As previously discussed throughout our report Red Stone is currently facing many issues within their company, they are unable to deliver their finishing projects on time and remain on budget. A number of gaps have been identified; these gaps have been that cause of all the issues. By determining where the gaps are we are able to act efficiently and effectively to complete all projects successfully and on or before the due date of the project. After analyzing the survey data and compiling necessary information, each business analyst was able to discover why these gaps have occurred, and what steps could be implemented to ensure completion of projects on due dates, or even before the projects due. Overall, we have found five major reasons as to why the company is not meeting its set expectations they are explained below. One of the first findings was how often performance assessments were collected 53% of the results were only once a year. With these assessments being conducted only once a year it does not give accurate feedback on each employee’s performance. Employees and managers are unable to see how they are performing at any given time and are unable to check areas of possible improvement. Instead of doing the assessments yearly, we would like to see a system put in place that allows performance assessments to be done quarterly. The second finding was how team work was split up between team members; 53% by expertise and 27% by time. The approach used for splitting up the team work adds to the gaps in the project management process. There is a stronger focus on giving team members with most experience the work and not paying any attention to those with less experience. This method has proved to be inaccurate as projects are not being done on time or on budget. By accurately splitting up tasks and projects, this could limit the projects that have gone beyond what they were supposed to be. Evaluation of team members at the end of projects was...
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