Topics: Health care, Euthanasia, Medical ethics Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: November 30, 2014
Our group stands strong in our belief that when differentiated form involuntary euthanasia and assisted suicide, voluntary euthanasia is morally correct. To prolong suffering and painful agony of individuals who are terminally ill and are close to dying is morally wrong. Especially if the individual voices his or her wishes to stop all medical treatments. An individual should have the power and decision over his own body. To refuse a person the right to end his or her life with dignity is to deny a person their right to choose for themselves. The concept of individualism is fundamental in a democratic society and individualism should be latitude to giving an individual their wish to satisfy their own interests or wishes at their end of life. An individual right to choose should not be limited or revoked due to terminal illness. If a healthy person has the right to choose, why are terminally ill patients requests or rights to die in dignity and respect are denied? In conclusion the ethical dilemma of voluntary or assisted euthanasia continues to exist and is encountered by health care professionals every day. As health care providers, we must encourage patients and families to accelerate the process of having an Advance Directive in place. The promotion of educating individuals on this topic should be a priority within our communities and societies. This should be an effort of all health care practitioners, physicians, nurses, and social workers. Clinical settings, hospitals, outpatient clinics require to be active in the process of education about Advance Directives. As nurse practitioners we should be advocating to follow the patients rights and decisions. We need to promote, educate, and offer respect to patients and their families who want to learn about Advance Directives and to those who decline it. As we practice keep in mind that an Advance Directive is best to discussed and reviewed by the patient and their families when an individual is...
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