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Personal Cultural Narrative Essay
Background Information
This essay examines my aesthetic cultural background and main influences throughout my life. I was born in Istanbul which is the capital city of Turkey; however, my father and mother were born in Konya. Turkey has played a major role in the history of the world. In regard to the fact that Turkey is an Islam country, Turkey’s importance in the world is really high. The main underlying reason for that is because Turkey is the only country which is not only secular and democratic, but also Islamist as well. Based on the census data collected in 2000, Turkey has a 96.6 % Muslim population.

The influence of Islam on the Turkish people is an undeniable fact. The Turkish people have faced with Islam during the war between China and Arabs in 751. In 920, the first Turkish government accepted to be Muslim was the Karahan’s. With the acceptance of Islam, believes of the Turkish people have changed drastically. The impact of Islam on the Turkish civilization resulted in a change of their state of life from being a nomad to a settled life. After the Turkish people adopted a settled life, they established well-known cities and cultural centers. Islam religion which was accepted as a lifestyle by the Turks, not only resulted in rooted changes in understanding of the social-cultural life, ideological philosophies, and the language, but also set the stage for a new trend of shaping the literary works and musical pieces which are important reflections of culture.

I have to mention Ottoman music in our culture. Ottoman classical music developed in Istanbul and major Ottoman towns from Skopje to Cairo, from Tabriz to Morocco through the palace, mosques, and sufi lodges of the Ottoman Empire. Above all a vocal music, Ottoman music traditionally accompanies a solo singer with a small instrumental ensemble. In recent times, instruments might include tambur (lute), ney (flute), kemençe (fiddle), keman (Western violin), kanun (zither), or other instruments. Sometimes described as monophonic music, the variety of ornamentation and variation in the ensemble requires the more accurate term heterophonic. It has a tune that is really relaxing me and gives me a good feeling. Infancy and Preschool

In my early life, i was exposed to instrumental music because of my father. He likes music without a word, especially melodies generated by a Turkish instrument called the ‘Ney’. My father knows how to play Ney; however, he is not very good at playing Ney. He took Ney course in his mid twenties. In some nights my father was listening Ney. Whenever I heard the sound of Ney, i always remind my father. The Ney is an end-blown flute originating from Iran that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music. In some of these musical traditions, it is the only wind instrument used. The Ney has been played continuously for 4,500–5,000 years, making it one of the oldest musical instruments still in use. Turkish and Arab Neys normally have 7 holes, 6 in front and one thumb-hole in the back. The typical Persian Ney has 6 holes, one of which is on the back. Ney has a really relaxing sound and tone that it makes me feel like in the air. During my preschool ages, music for me is like just encompasses the sound of Ney. I really like the Ney because of my father. Primary School

The major impact on my musical life happened in my primary school. Thanks to my father, I have always been sent to private school. In Turkey primary schools are more weighted on selective courses. This led me to take music courses as well next to my art courses. My primary school music teacher was Aysegul Ozer. She was approaching us like mother. She was always trying teach us and give us the love of music instead of pushing curriculum topics. In my fourth grade, Mrs. Aysegul were teaching us flute. She requested me to play flute after 5 lesson of the flute. Suddenly, one of my friends said, ‘‘he cannot play because of azan’’. In Turkish...
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