Conceptual Proposal

Topics: Need, Want, Concept Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Shuli Ji
Concept Proposal

What I want to pursue in this project is only a word: moment. The reason for this concept is really simple: I want to catch every precious moment because I am going to graduate this May. Four-year life in IUB, USA provides me a new stage in my life as well as a new world. It totally changed me since the age of 18, when I boarded on my first international airline. Therefore, I hope I can turn every moment into permanent before my graduation to memory my time. There is no specific requirement for the situation or item I want to acquire. I hope the moment is totally in a sense of freedom. In another words, I want to catch a moment I think worthy at any time and any place, just when something hits my heart and mind. It can be the moment of a girl showing a big smile, when she comes out of a conference room in Kelley business school, it can be the moment of a starring on the Mac screen, holding the coffee on his right hand, in the staff food court in Ballantine. It can also be group of girl wearing T-shirts that printed the emblem of their sorority, shouting inside a running car that passes the downtown. Any moment can be depicted or captured in my project, as long as it can help to recall the fleeting time in IUB. Though the concept or the theme needs plenty of freedom, I hope the emotion expresses should be positive rather than negative. For example, I am not expecting a sad departure will appear in my drawing. What I want to pursue is a moment that is shining, joyful and impressive. In order to acquire the most truly and representative moment, what I need to do first is to go our in our campus to do observations from details. I will use a camera to record each detail and make comparison later to get more inspirations. I will also search some pictures online or some graduation videos uploaded by other graduates to help me with it. Besides, I may ask my friends, American or foreigners as me, about their most precious...
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