Conceptual Analysis Assignment

Topics: Violence, Suffering, Ultimate Fighting Championship Pages: 15 (3788 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Conceptual Analysis Assignment

Is Fighting Violence?

Step 1 Model Case

a) George is twelve years old and currently in middle school. He is a straight A student and a very nice kid. One day after school, George is walking back home. Just into his walk, he can hear the school bully, Bud, asking him to slow down. When Bud did finally catch up to George, he asks very aggressively to see George’s toy he brought with him to school for show and tell. When George refused, Bud lost his cool and began to act physical with George and starts pushing him. George tries to defend himself but Bud is a much bigger boy and clearly at a disadvantage to him. After five minutes of tussling around, Bud trips George and he hits his face on the curb and loses his two front teeth. Laughing out loud, Bud takes the teeth as a trophy to show off to his other bully friends.

b) This is a good example of a model case because the school bully is a big, violent kid with no remorse for others. He picks on the weaker students who are smaller than him and violates them, resulting in personal injury due to aggressive behavior.

schoolyardlosing teeth
after schoolintentional

Step 2 Contrary Case

a) Dan, 32, is a professional UFC fighter. One night around 12 am after an intense workout with his trainer, Dan decides to head home. Since he lives kind of far, he decides to take a shortcut through a rough neighbourhood with a history of violence. A few minutes walking into this dangerous area, Dan can hear a woman screaming for help. He narrows down the location and witnesses a woman being raped by a tall, drunk man. Dan immediately runs towards the helpless woman and beats up her rapist so bad until his knuckles started to hurt. The woman thanked Dan and was forever grateful for his heroics that night.

b) This is a good example of a contrary case because had Dan not been violent and beat the rapist up; the woman in the case might not have been spared and would have been another victim of a rapist. Dan applied his fighting skills to successfully fend off the woman’s attacker.

Submissionsexual harassment
bad guysrape
broken knucklesinjury
freedombeat up

Step 3 Borderline Case

a) TJ (45) is an inmate at Arizona State Correctional Facility. He is locked up for the murder of his elderly neighbour. TJ prefers to keep to himself while incarcerated, seeing how not to many outstanding citizens is locked up with him. During lunch, TJ is quietly consuming his horrible tasting soup when a correctional officer named Big Papi approaches him. The correctional officer sits down besides TJ, looks him dead in the eye and gives TJ an ultimatum; pay $100 every month to Big Papi or be put away in solitary confinement for a straight month. TJ ignores the officer and proceeds to get up and leave. That made Big Papi angry so he stands up, throws TJ’s food on the ground and strikes him in the face. TJ retaliates by punching Big Papi in his big stomach. The other officers rush to Big Papi’s aid and tackle TJ. Surely after this situation, TJ is put into solitary confinement.

b) Why it pulls to yes: TJ could have reported the correctional officer who was attempting to take advantage of him. Furthermore, the officer could have been fired by his superiors and the whole situation could have been averted completely.

Why it pulls to no: TJ was just defending himself when the correctional officer punched him. TJ was doomed no matter what course of action he took. If he didn’t retaliate, he was going to solitary confinement. If he did retaliate, he was still going there.

powerpunch in the face
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