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Part 1: Speaker/Company research

i.) Mr. Daniel Cheung – Chairman/ General Manager(HKECIA/ Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd) Biographical Summary

Daniel Cheung, titled as the ‘Godfather of HOFEX’ (HOFEX is the most famous food and hospitality show in Hong Kong), has been the Chairman of the Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd since 2000. Before Daniel has joined the Hong Kong Exhibition Services, he has worked s a insurance sales, travel escort and eventually joined the conference industry in 1983. Organizing and managing exhibitions such as HOFEX, managing and coordinating various departments within the companies are the daily tasks of Daniel.

Company Research

HKECIA is an association that strive benefits for its members and helps with the negotiation with the government. The Association also develops many projects concerning training, education and development of the association’s members.

Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd

Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd is the top show organizer in Hong Kong. The company organizes exhibitions and shows with various themes. It provides tailor-made services, taking care of the venue, bringing the suitable exhibitor mix and buyers for their every show organized.

Ms. Anne Li- Director (Pico International (HK) Ltd)
Biographical Summary
Ms Anne Li takes up mainly the huge project and deals with project crisis. As a director, she has to take care of every department within the company so as to coordinates them for various tasks. Ms Li is also responsible for networking the company with various potential and current clients.

Company Research
Pico International (HK) Ltd
Pico offers tailor-made interior and display design, fitting out of booths and contract services for customers during exhibitions. Receptions during press conference, seminars or shows are also one of the company’s jobs. To summarize, Pico offer services ranging...
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