Convention Center and Seminar D. Symposium

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question from chapter 12
1. Associations began in the United States at the beginning of the eighteenth century when what group organized itself?
a. US restaurateurs
b. New York hoteliers
c. Orlando conventioneers
d. Rhode Island candle makers 2. What group or market sector is the greatest percentage of convention center utilization?
a. professional and trade shows
b. government and social services
c. religious
d. exposition trade shows
e. educational 3. What is a FAM trip?
a. a trip an event planner takes after a trade show
b. a familiarization trip to do a site inspection for an event
c. a trip to relax prior to a big convention in a large city
d. the trip visitors take when they attend a convention or an event in a city 4. A service organization within the visitor industry that offers a host of programs and services to meet clients' needs
a. Destination Management Company
b. Convention and Visitors Bureau
c. convention and exposition
d. familiarization trip 5. A person that contracts out their services to (or work for associations and corporations and plan meetings down to the last detail
a. FAM trip
b. meeting planner
c. conventioneer
d. event attendee 6. A workshop-type educational experience in which attendees learn by doing is called a
a. clinic
b. forum
c. seminar
d. symposium
e. workshop 7. A lecture and a dialogue that allow participants to share experiences in a particular field is known as a
a. clinic
b. forum
c. seminar
d. symposium
e. workshop 8. A small group led by a facilitator or trainer--generally includes exercises to enhance skills or develop knowledge in a specific topic
a. clinic
b. forum
c. seminar
d. symposium
e. workshop 9. Which type of meeting room setup is for small numbers of people with

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