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SIP Learning Report on coke

My topic is not finalized yet by the company but they told me that I have to do my project on DeeP RED. Title is still left to be finalized. Segmentation Model- Key Accounts
Key Accounts outlets can be segmented into channels and sub channels 1. Modern trade
* Hyper market
* Super market
* Convenio
* Cash & carry
2. E & D
* Take Away
* FINE Dine
* Night Life
3. Cinema
* Multiplex
* Single Screen
4. Entertainment & Leisure
* Hotels
* Amusement park
5. Travel
* Airlines- Budget
* Airlines- Full Service
* Airport Kiosks
* Fuel Station
6. Institutions
* At Work
* Education College/ School Canteen
* Hospitals Canteen

In Deep RED, Picture Of Success (PicOS) has been defined for the following channels. Channel type
1. Modern trade
* Hyper market: >10 check-out counters
* Super market: 4-9 check-out counters
* Convenio: 4 check-out counter
2. E & D
* QSR / Take Away: Table service Self service
* FINE Dine
* Night Life: Pubs and Discotheques

3. Cinema
* Multiplex

Picture of success(PicOS)
* PicOS enables the company to focus on its execution efforts, and helps the company to transform its customer into more successful outlets. * PicOS is used as a guide, and it helps the company to not lose its focus on its execution efforts * The PicOS elements are the key strategic execution elements for Creation, Registration, Evaluation & Maintenance of Execution KPIs. These elements are as follows:

1. Chilling Equipments
* Equipment type and Equipment Standards
2. Availability
* Coverege (Brands & Packaging)
* Price Communication & Price based Promotions.
3. Activation
* POP (Material Or Campaign)
* Activation Equipments
06/04/12-(1st day)
* First day I have visited...
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